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The privacy statement set out herein complies with the law and policies of Euro Saipan Assets 5 LLC (The "Company" means) as the customer is established and the Privacy Policy to one customer regard highly prized personal information provided to use the service, actively protect your privacy, and compliance. Privacy policy of the company and notice as prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations, including posting on the Website may be changed in accordance with the relevant internal policy changes in applicable law or company, to facilitate customers to confirm the changes. The company is in compliance with privacy regulations and guidelines in accordance with the Privacy Act of the Act on the "Privacy Act" and the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection."

Article 1 (purpose of processing personal information)


The company handles personal information for the following purposes: Processing, personal information that is expected to implement the necessary measures, including if not used for a purpose other than the following purposes, purpose of use is changed, the Privacy Act pursuant to Article 18 to receive a separate agreement.

1. Settlement Price of the contract and services related to services • content providers, such as shipping goods (goods or prizes) or shipping invoices, financial transactions, identity authentication, purchase and payment, mileage, fee collection, New Services , new product or event information, such as guidance

2. Member Management • Confirm your membership of the service, personal identification, poor members of the illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention, doctors confirmed join, sign up and join a limited number, check whether the legal representative agrees, the legal representative later identification, conflict records for adjusting retention, complaints, including complaints handling, delivery notices, etc.

3. The personalized services to customers in the service • New services (product) development and specialization, placement services and advertising according to demographic characteristics, access frequency identification, and statistics related to various business services for members of the service creation and development of statistics, events, and advertising information delivery, gratitude ceremony, promotions, such as sending advertising

4. Other • replying to information provision and utilization, surveys, consultations request, the company provided services, and events for the information provided, information and partnering event in the event that the company is in progress, service promotion, telemarketing, DM, EM, etc. Etc

Article 2 (processing of personal data and the retention period)

The company holds personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, agree to retain personal data received during the period or the use of personal information collected from the data subject, the personal data processed within the timeframe, reserves.

Each of the personal information processing and retention periods are as follows:

1. Register and Management: Membership Withdrawal pm

However, until when the following reasons, the reasons for its termination

1) if an investigation related laws and regulations, surveys conducted in violation of the applicable investigation, the investigation until the end

2) bond, applicable debt, debt settlement pm when the relationship between the remaining debt according to whether goods or services available

2. goods or services: goods, services and complete supply fee billing, settlement completion pm

However, if the following reasons include the period until the end of 1) Display of the "Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce", advertising, contracts and the implementation of such records on trade-show, recorded on advertising: 6 months

- Cancellation of the contract or payment, supply of goods recorded: 5 years

- Records of the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

2) "Protection of Communications Secrets Act." Article 41 Article picking confirmed the fact communication archiving - telecommunications subscribers pause, start and end time, and the other subscriber number can also be used, the originating base station location data: 1 year

- Computer communications, Internet data logging, if access tracking data: 3 months

3) identification information kept in accordance with Article 2 "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection" Decree: six months after the information posted on the bulletin board ends

Article 3 (a third party service, and sharing personal information)

1. The company only if the customer's personal information in Article 1 trillion processed only within the limits set forth in (processing purpose of personal information), and the consent of the data subject, laws special provisions, such as the privacy of law Article 17 and Article 18 provide and share your personal information to third parties.

2. The Company only if you have the consent of the customer and offer to share personal information to third parties as follows:

- The party receiving personal information:

- Recipient's personal data provided using Objective: Appreciation events and various marketing activities, promotions, advertisements and sending

- Items that provide personal information: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address

- Provided reserve's recipient, use period: Company members to withdraw

Article 4 (commissioned processing of personal information)

The company in order to improve the seamless service delivery and service quality to handle the customer's personal information entrusted to external specialists as follows and type of consignment vendor, service and range of charging information and notices on the website.

Provided subject: Corporation beusol A stream, © Airtel com / intended use: system implementation and maintenance of shared information: Registration Information Full offer subject: Corporation beusol A stream, © Airtel com / intended use: text, email sharing information: name, phone number, , e-mail

1. The Company contract matters on such responsibilities entrusted contract when the Privacy Act Article 25 prohibits non-personal information processed commissioning Perform purposes pursuant to, technical and administrative safeguards, re-charging limitations, management of the trustee and director compensation stated in such document or agreement, and whether the trustee overseeing the safe handling personal information.

2. If you change the content or trustee of trust, we will work to the public through this Privacy Policy without delay.

Article 5 (customer rights, obligations and exercise method)

1. The customer can at any time for the company to exercise the following subparagraphs privacy rights. 1. Personal information, including inspection requirements 2. If there is an error correction processing requirements 3. Delete 4. Requirements stop request

2. 1 exercise of rights under paragraph'll measures without delay in the event you directly to your website or to contact a personal information management personnel to E-mail.

3. If a customer needs a correction or deletion of personal information, such as errors in the relevant company does not use or provide personal information until you complete the correction or deletion.

4. exercise of rights under paragraph (1) may be through a representative, such as those who receive the customer's legal representative or delegate. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in accordance with the Privacy Act Enforcement Rules Annex Form No. 11.

Article 6 (handle personal information items)

1. The company has been handling the following items of personal information to provide services to customers.

Sign up and management

Mandatory items: name, date of birth, address, mobile number, email address, username, password, I-Pin Number (if online subscription) Optional: anniversaries, company name, company address, sightseeing, such as goods or services required fields: Name , date of birth, ID, password, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, passport number, billing information, select item: service use records: interests, past purchases online services, or in the process create / collect information that access log, access is generated / collected in the consultation process of purchasing and product information such as the IP purchase, exchange, refund, repair, counseling, history, etc.

2. Collect your personal information is collected by means of a website, the written form, fax, phone, e-mail, such as application events, delivery requests, only collect personal information on this website.

3. The Company does not collect sensitive personal information, which are likely to significantly infringe the fundamental rights of the customer (race, ethnicity, ideology, creed, place of origin, political affiliation, criminal record, health status and sex, biometric data, etc.)

4. Clause 1 of Customer information gathered customer or a third party's disadvantage caused by the physical manifestation personal information and describe the other different information or different doctor is not responsible for any company. In particular, e-mail, mobile phone text service to customers who are not related to whether the fine will be provided with the consent of any email service, text messaging to any mobile phone also includes important information affecting the customer's convenience, the Company is not responsible respect.

5. Customers if the personal information is changed, the request must be listed immediately change or update your personal information directly from the site. The customer does not notice the changed personal information to the company, about any changes that occur due to a not (on request) Ltd. is not responsible.

6. Collect your personal information is collected by means of a website, the written form, fax, phone, e-mail, such as event applicants, shipping requests, online sites (branded homepage, shopping malls) will collect your personal information through our website .

7. Company sensitive information which are likely to significantly infringe the fundamental rights of the customer (race, ethnicity, ideology, creed, place of origin, political affiliation, criminal record, health status and sex, biometric data, etc.) is not collected.

Article 7 (about the installation, operation, and its refusal to automatically collect personal information device)

Company uses 'cookies (cookie)' that can store and retrieve information about customers on a temporary basis. A cookie is a computer, but the customer identification, the computer does not identify the user personally. Customers can also because the choice of cookies, or to accept all cookies from the Web browser options, or to notify you when a cookie is installed, or the option to reject all cookies.

1. The purpose of the use of cookies. Cookies are information that is sent to the server of the company the user's web browser, it does not affect any other part of the pc customers when connecting to the company related to the company's site server computer user's browser by reading the information in the cookie it is used to help you get service without any additional input. It can also be used for marketing and access frequency analysis or visit, such as the time, identify the user's tastes and interests.

2. To reject the cookie settings: reject all cookies through confirmation or denial in a way that whenever a cookie is set to allow all cookies by selecting an option that the customer is using a Web browser, or save cookies You can.

- Setting Example for Internet Explorer: Tools at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Privacy

Article 8 (Destruction of Personal Information)

1. company destroys the personal information is personal information without delay when such was unnecessary elapsed, the process to achieve the purpose of personal information retention.

2. information Despite the personal information retention period received consent from the subject passed or process objectives are achieved, and if you must continue to keep the personal information in accordance with other laws, the personal data of moving or storage area in a separate database (DB) in contrast to conservation.

3. the procedure and method of destroying personal information is as follows: 1. The destruction procedure the company will be destroyed after a certain period of time stored in accordance with customers' personal information has been destroyed reason caused by internal reason to privacy policies and other relevant laws and regulations. 2. The method of destruction of your personal information printed on paper is to destroy personal information stored and electronically file type shredder or through incineration is deleted using technical methods that can not be played back the recording.

Article 9 (measures to ensure safety of personal information)

The Company has got their handling of your personal information personal information take the following technical measures in order to secure such loss, theft, leak, alteration or damage safety.

1. Key data such as social security number of the customer's personal information and passwords are stored encrypted, private information can be stored securely on the safety of double firewall.

2. The company in order to prevent the leakage of personal information of the customer by hacking, and can use the device to block the invasion from the outside, the intrusion detection system installed on each server, and monitors a 24-hour break.

3. Privacy and the staff is limited and on a regular basis and updated to give it a separate password for the staff, and training for staff through the occasional highlight the observance of the Privacy Policy.

4. Customer shall give your ID or password to a third party, it is sure to please logout (logout) both used to login (login) related to the company site after finishing. Customers own company is not responsible for any negligence or a problem on the Internet ID, password, contacts and personal information from being leaked to the problem occurred (if you sign up).

5. Your personal information is kept computer rooms, data storage rooms, etc. are lockable to control access.

Article 10 (Privacy Officer)

The company is responsible to oversee the work of personal information processing, and specify the Privacy Officer as follows to customer complaints handling and redress, including with respect to personal information processing. Chief Privacy Officer position statement CEO Phone +1-670-488-1688. Privacy statement  representative office telephone number +1-670-488-1688 Promotion Team. Email

Guests can contact us regarding any such privacy-related inquiries generated use the services of the company, complaint, redress to the Privacy Officer and department. The company will be happy to answer and handle without delay to the contact information of the subject.

Article 11 (personal information read request)

Customers can now view the Privacy Officer listed charges in accordance with Article 35 of the Personal Information Privacy Act Article 9. The company will keep the personal information read request of the data subject so quickly.

Article 12 (Privacy Policy changes)

Article 1 General Provisions


The Company measures so that users can easily view any time by publishing a privacy policy on the home screen first.

The Clear Water Hotel in Saipan are privacy establish the necessary procedures for continuous improvement in accordance with the privacy policy may be amended from time to time due to the change of government, including laws and regulations or changes in the company's internal policies, this. And if you amend the Personal Information Protection Policy The Company it allows users to easily identify the requirements and the revised publication and grant such revision through the website soon for that change. Please check from time to time when you visit the site.

Article 2 Personal Information Collection range

Clear Water Hotel Saipan website can be used at any time without separate user registration. Clear Water Hotel Saipan, the collecting of the user personal information in order to provide improved quality of service as well as a more personalized service to users,. The Clear Water Hotel in Saipan are not carelessly disclose personal information without the user's prior consent.

Article 3 Purpose of usage and collection of personal information

If you wish to inspect and correct personal information and we'll immediate action by contacting in writing, telephone, or e-mail to staff.

- Information that is required from us the name, classification, applications, email, contact, title, description. It is also utilized for secure communication path such notice delivery, complaints through the appropriate input information.

- Event information through newsletters (e-mail)

Article 4 of the Clear Water Hotel offers shared and personal information collected from Saipan

Clear Water Hotel Saipan at the top of users 'personal information' 2. Collection purpose and intended use 'use within the range from notice and without the prior consent of the users use the same range or beyond the user's personal privacy, in principle, do not disclose information to the outside world. However, if the exception is below.

- If you believe in good faith that required by law (for example, at the request of government agencies by due process under the law, etc.)

- Provide personal information if required by the laws or administrative measures (eg, at the request of government agencies, etc. pursuant to the due process of the law)

- Statistics, advertisers in the form that can not identify a specific individual for academic research or market research, partner, if you provide such as research organizations

Article 5 concerning the operation of cookies (cookie)

The Clear Water Hotel in Saipan Internet site to provide useful and appropriate service to the user, use the stored information of the users, and often invoke the "Cookie (cookie) '. A cookie is a server (HTTP) that is used to run a website and a small amount of information sent to the user's computer, the browser often save on the desk of PC users. The cookie identifies the user's computer, but does not identify individual users. Use cookies to understand and use the visit form, size, etc. for users between users are visiting each Web service in Clear Water Hotel and Saipan. Users can choose whether to use against a cookie. It may allow all cookies as to enable the option in your Web browser, and through confirmation every time a cookie is stored, or you can also refuse all cookies.

Article 6 of access, correction of personal information

If you wish to inspect and correct personal information and we'll immediate action by contacting in writing, telephone, or e-mail to staff.

Article 7 The period of retention of personal information and use duration

If achieved this objective received Clear Water Hotel offers purpose of collection of personal information or destroy your personal information, without delay. However, the purpose of collection or receiving service, or the need to preserve by the provisions of the statute, such as the conventional method, even if this objective has been achieved, can hold the personal information to provide services to the user.

Article 8 The withdrawal of consent ways

The user can revoke at any time the contents you agree to the collection and use of personal information. We will withdraw consent in writing to the Privacy Officer, please contact us by phone or email to take measures to destroy personal information without delay.

Article 9 The consignment processing of personal data

Clear Water Hotel Saipan is able to handle users' personal information entrusted to external specialists in order to improve the service.

If you entrust the handling of personal information it will be announced to the users of that fact in advance. In addition consignment contract-related privacy services providers directed through such, the regulations clarify the confidentiality, third party ban and accident liability of the offer, including regarding privacy and will relevant written or electronic archive with the agreement

Article 10 regarding the personal information related opinions and complaints

The Clear Water Hotel is located in Saipan, and the convergence with respect to the privacy of users you can comment and provide a way to process complaints. Users are able to see the personal contact information at the bottom of the managing director stated to file a complaint by phone or mail, the hotel will be happy to find a prompt and adequate answers to users of the report details. Or personal information is being installed and operated in government Complaint Center.

Article 11 The personal information manager

Clear Water Hotel Personal Information Manager
Tel: +1-670-488-1688

Privacy policy revision date: 2018-03-07

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